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Food for Thought - Micro Views of Sustenance: Threats and Prospects

    • Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is very excited to announce our current special exhibit.

      FOOD FOR THOUGHT Micro Views of Sustenance: Threats and Prospects offers a micro perspective on how one part of nature –our food– is connected to climate change.

      Using photomontages, Robert Dash’s work ponders threats to our staple foods and provides hopeful prospects surrounding the issue of climate change.

      The subjects and sources of Dash’s intriguing images were primarily found in the San Juan Islands, Washington, and he was granted permission to use the University of Washington, Friday Harbor Lab’s electron microscope for these spectacular images.

      Robert Dash is an educator, photographer and naturalist whose work has been published by National Geographic, TIME, Buzzfeed and LensWork. In 2016, he presented a widely viewed TEDx talk entitled “The Intercourse of Nature: It’s What We Are.”


      More of Dash’s work can be seen at

      The special exhibition is free with museum entry and is presented bilingually. 


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