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Labor Day Weekend in Fort Collins is a near-perfect time to visit our city. It is essentially the unofficial closing of summer and jam-packed with events and things to do. This three-day weekend in Fort Collins is filled with entertaining activities like the 53:14 Music Video Experiment Premiere and

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Though Colorado is a land-locked state, you’ll find plenty of options for adventure that feature water. In Fort Collins, there are many ways to play in the water year round: Rafting and fishing the Poudre River in the spring and summer; SUP’ing and boating at Horsetooth Reservoir in the summer and

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Fort Collins is home to a plethora of fantastic parks, 50 to be exact (seven community parks and 43 neighborhood parks). Here are five (plus a bonus!) that kids adore and deserve a spot on your family’s summer bucket list.

1. Twin Silo Park

Twin Silo Park Overview

Located in southeast Fort Collins, Twin Silo Park

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In today's world of domestic and international travel, tourists have become accustomed to sharing their amazing experiences through photos on Instagram. And, when visitors make their way to Fort Collins it's no different. People sharing their photos of their favorite places in Fort Collins has

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Fort Collins deserves a spot at the top of the list for your next solo adventure. Solo travel is on the rise around the world, and for good reason. From boosting your independence and confidence, to giving you a fresh perspective on life, traveling alone gives you the chance to have meaningful

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Fort Collins, Colorado is a city known for its amazing outdoors that people travel to experience from all over the world. Hiking in the spring and summertime is a rewarding activity when visiting Fort Collins. One special pleasure you can enjoy while out on your hikes is taking in nature's vast

Outdoor Summer Concerts in Fort Collins https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-summer-concerts-in-fort-collins/ https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-summer-concerts-in-fort-collins/#comments https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-summer-concerts-in-fort-collins/ Thu, 02 Jun 2022 14:00:00 -0600

Summertime in Fort Collins is about good times spent groovin' with friends and family to live tunes outdoors while taking in all the beauty that is Fort Collins, Colorado. With events being back in full swing, we're sharing with you the outdoor concert series and community live music events that you

Outdoor Wellness in Fort Collins https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-wellness-in-fort-collins/ https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-wellness-in-fort-collins/#comments https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/outdoor-wellness-in-fort-collins/ Tue, 31 May 2022 10:00:00 -0600

There’s something about time spent outside that quiets our minds, something that's even more important of late.

Spending time out in nature, meditating, taking a wellness-focused walk, or doing yoga outside only adds to the relaxation component. Here are some ways to take a break from our noisy

Best Places to Enjoy a Picnic in Fort Collins https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/best-places-to-enjoy-a-picnic-in-fort-collins/ https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/best-places-to-enjoy-a-picnic-in-fort-collins/#comments https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/best-places-to-enjoy-a-picnic-in-fort-collins/ Mon, 23 May 2022 13:00:00 -0600

Channel your inner Yogi Bear and grab the picnic basket, fixings, and your favorite Boo Boo, too. Summertime means dining al fresco and Fort Collins is a picnicking paradise that is flush with fabulous foodstuffs and idyllic spots to lay out your spread.

Opt for the Whole Shebang

NoCo PicnicSave time and

Arthur's Rock Offers Stunning Views https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/arthurs-rock-offers-stunning-views/ https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/arthurs-rock-offers-stunning-views/#comments https://www.visitftcollins.com/blog/post/arthurs-rock-offers-stunning-views/ Wed, 18 May 2022 16:00:00 -0600

We recently took a day trip to hike Arthur’s Rock, which has a beautiful natural backdrop setting in Lory State Park. Our mission on this hike was to seek out some of the most stunning views of Horsetooth Reservoir and the City of Fort Collins, and we were not disappointed.

Arthur's RockThis nearly two-mile