Only in FOCO: Visit The Fox and the Crow

"Art is relative, you can love Rembrandt and dislike Picasso, cheese is the same way: one can love a blue and dislike alpine. Studying art and cheese is one and the same: the artist is the cheesemaker, medium, the make, and the title, the name of the cheese. Cheese and art history also both…

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Only in FOCO: Visit Cups Community Coffee

"Come in and grab a coffee, a latte, or some food. Come say hi. Hold doors open for people. Wave at others and smile when you walk by. These are the things that occurred to us years ago when we first arrived in Fort Collins. Keep that vibe going." - Amy Snider, Owner of Cups Community Coffee What…

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13 Essential Fort Collins Dining Experiences

By Caramie Petrowsky Fort Collins’ varied dining scene has long been impressive, but lately it’s downright extraordinary. Here we’ve whittled it down to 13 eateries that we consider “essential.” From venerable institutions to innovative, inventive newbies, here are the spots that get our taste buds…

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